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Corporate Presentation

Looking for a dramatic way to lift your corporate presentation? Then worry no more. At VarNaA we have specialized professionals who can turn your normal corporate presentation to a classy one. Whether it is a corporate presentation for a sales conference or the board; a no-nonsense marketing presentation showcasing all your brands, or a serious annual meet, we will add more power, action and sound to make it more commanding and result oriented. We have in-house photographers and videographers, and talented graphic designers to add more life and detail to your presentation.

Touch Screen Kiosk

At VarNaA we believe that in today’s world, one cannot make a customer wait in line. That’s were our expertise in Touch Screen Kiosk comes into place. Self-service touch screen kiosks can be used to serve the customers in a personalized manner. From placing orders, giving a demonstration to information on product and service and more the user can monitor and control intricate operations in real-time by simply touching the screen. These kiosks can also be used to make learning more fun and interactive.

Virtual Reality

VarNaA’s virtual reality – welcome to the three-dimensional world. We make virtual reality presentation including real systems like buildings, landscapes etc. At Varnaa virtual worlds, we use animation, interactive, and other application in areas such as education, design evaluation (virtual prototyping), architectural walk-through, human factors and ergonomic studies, entertainment, and much more. Come, give yourself a three dimension.

Industrial Simulation

At VarNaA, we keep pace with the latest trends in technology. And that’s why we have updated our expertise in the areas of industrial simulation. Significant amount of time is spent on simulation of real world and we at Varnaa have all the expertise to carry out the simulation needs of our client with talented designers.  Be is 3D modeling of industrial machinery and components we can execute the project with high-end computers and applications.

Product Demos

Products demonstrators are the best way to promote product, and create consumer interest. Be it clothes, consumer durables or software.  They inform and educate customers about the features of products and demonstrate their use with apparent ease to inspire confidence in the product and its manufacturer. We at Varnaa are well equipped to do any kind of product demonstrations ranging from samples, administering contests, distributing prizes and coupons, and using direct-mail advertising etc. So the next time you want generate immediate sales and create brand awareness, think of us.

DVD – Authoring

An interactive audiovisual DVD has become the best way interact and engage with the customers. At VarNaA you can get all the answers to your entire DVD authoring needs. Our experts carry out the task like collecting audio, video, menus, subtitles, DVD packaging etc. and make it into an interactive branching structure that will eventually become a an interactive DVD.

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