Varnaa Studio

Logo Design

A brand is known thought its logo first. And a logo is supposed to be a one time investment for any corporate brand. At Varnaa we think that a logo is more than just a mix of graphics and text. It’s an embodiment of the company. And we strive to bring that character in every logo that we create. If you are looking for a one shot personality for your brand, come to Varnaa. We will give it a unique personality.


VarNaA specializes in brochure design – by far the best way to explain and promote your business by telling people in detail about what your business is all about and what kind of service you can render. A unique and creative brochure goes a long way in enhancing your business and fulfilling the client’s needs. We will make your brochure look inviting, innovative as well as corporative which in turn will help you in attracting customers and establish yourself as an entrepreneur.


At VarNaA, we specialize in creating catalogue designs for companies which demands high-end photography and design. We create a well thought out and result-oriented design which works well for clients. And to ensure a successful catalogue design we make sure that we understand the client’s business and understand their needs well. We display our clients’ information in a tasteful and professional manner which makes it user friendly and effective. With a wealth of experience in designing we have you are sure to get a world-class catalogue.

Print Ads

When it comes to creating goodwill and increased sales in the market nothing works better than a press campaign. It helps in creating a strong brand and helps customer create trust in our client through advertising and promotion. We have advertising professionals who can create an appealing campaign that’s based on consumer insight and strategy. And hence you get better mileage for your brand.

Package Designs

Clothes make a man. And likewise packaging makes a product. Varnaa delivers amazing labels and packaging designs for retail industry like DVDs and CDs and boxes and labels with appropriate look and feel to enhance your product in the market. Our packaging and display design will grab the shopper’s attention and motivate the customer to buy the product. So, let us be your design partner and let your packaging stand out in the crowd.

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