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Corporate Video

In today’s world, building a brand image is of paramount importance. And a corporate video has the power to capture and engage your targeted audience in a way that can’t be matched by other forms of media. At Varnaa we create resulted oriented corporate videos that go beyond what other media can do. Expanding business, increasing sales or motivating the employees, our corporate video can achieve it in the best way. Response and retention rates for customers who watch videos are known to be higher. So, give your business a cutting edge with VarNaA.

Training Video

Good business needs good employees. And to keep those employees motivated you need to manage them in the right way. That’s where Training Videos can prove to be an invaluable tool. It helps in Leadership Training, Motivational and Team building Training. At Varnaa we make motivational and inspiring designed to teach your staff about teamwork, ethics, and many other traits which are universally desirable in any business setting.

Promotional Video

Ever wondered what it takes to make a good promotional video? Varnaa with our extensive expertise can produce a promotional video that will enhance your company’s image and help you knock off your competition. We make videos based on your needs be it for marketing, product and sales or industry conference or events, Varnaa will get your communication across the world effectively.

Educational Video

If you want to bring the power of teaching to the next level the Varnaa has the perfect solution for you. The Educational video. Right from lecture, workshop or training session, festival screening or exhibition, we will help you make education more enjoyable. We cover a range of educational categories from Science and Medicine to Art and Literature and Business to Social Issues and Education.

Music Videos

The thriving art form of making a music video has grown to become one of the most profitable productions in the industry. This influential mode of communication serves the purpose of a canvas to your mind’s eye and thus gives a place to show the world what you can really do if you have a camera in front of you. But do let us take over the creative liberty with our panel of experts who will make sure that what you intend to make becomes a masterpiece.


There are many issues that you might need to highlight. Be it social or economical or information. We at Varnaa specialize in producing any kind of documentary films using a sensitive level of film scripting and hi-end technical support in the areas of Production and Post Production. So if you have any such issues or cause, we would be delight to be the partner in your noble cause.

Streaming Internet Clips

We encode video and audio for streaming or download delivery on the web in all formats: Real Video, Quicktime, Windows Media, MP3, broadcasting (live Webcasting). Using our experience with video & audio compression, file sizes are kept to a minimum and yet retain remarkable quality. Video appears clean and without over-pixelation and audio can be of CD or MP3 quality. We believe that streaming video encoding should be an extension of the care and quality that was put into the creation and production of your original video production.

Ad film

At VarNaA, we take immense care during the entire sequence of our film making process. We first try to understand your objective of ad film and then we with our team of highly skilled writers, cameraman, editors and animators try to focus on developing an idea that will help in achieving our clients’ business goals. We also analyze the audience, the message and other critical information before making the ad film that works for the client.

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